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March 17, 2011 / Danielle

Day 62

Y’all, I am beyond-delighted to show you my first bare-legged Chicago ensemble of the year:

( . . . cause it’s sixty-freaking-degrees-out-guys!!!!)

anthro skirt/cardigan, Bloomies socks, Marc by Marc boots

This is actually an outfit I put together several weeks ago, but simply couldn’t bear to pair with tights.  I love this top, but it’s tricky to style properly – you’ll be seeing more of it, and absolutely of the skirt, this summer.

and yes, the cardigan has a double bow/cloverleaf pattern at the neck.

And I almost, almost said ‘screw it’ and wore it with my neutral or black ballet flats . . . buuuut, this is still Chicago, it’s still only March, and there’ll be plenty of time for that action in the real spring.

this is actually my first time rocking the socks-with-boots trend, I think?

And once again, we have some interplay of stripes – and yeah, it’s kind of my new favorite thing.

I am off to do some hardcore California plannin-and-dreamin’*, and then celebrate Chicago as it is right now, with two marvelous nights when some of my favorite ladies, and a brief hangout with my mom as she passes through town . . . a lovely weekend on the horizon, hurrah.

*Will that get me into its heart?


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