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March 18, 2011 / Danielle

Day 63

I got home last night after a most lovely impromptu Art Institute date with my friend Carol (hey Carol!) – we started off getting nibbles and iced tea/lemon at Au Bon Pain and ended up almost literally walking into the free day at the new modern wing as we caught up and rambled – delightful. After some 30 Rock and Parks & Rec (I’m sorry, some “Queen of Jordan” and Parks & Rec), I knew the time had come to tackle the beast that had become my messy room and my mountains of clothing.

Guys – I know I keep saying this – but by God, I have so. many. clothes. Each time I get antsy and start thinking, “well, when the year is out I need x, y, z” – all I need to do is spend ten minutes shuffling through hangers and handling folds, and I’m overwhelmed by all the pieces I have yet to give some recent love. And I like so much of what I have; some of it’s a bust, sure, and those things are being slowly ferreted out, but holy crap, there’s still a ton here.

I essentially planned my next five outfits as I was digging . . . so here’s today:

H & M blouse, Joe's Jeans, UO flats, Nordstrom pearls

There was something that I loved about the simplicity of this look – quiet colors, clean lines, airy and light for spring.

This blouse has always made me feel like a Bronte. I used to wear it for work tucked into a high-waisted skirt for work, so it’s nice to now play with its drapey, flowy proportions – and there’s something so Mary Tyler Moore about a fitted capri and a ballet flat.

I”m out and about tonight in something with sequins and tulle – ladies night out on the town! – so while I probably won’t be able to post it until Sunday (new laptop’s coming with my mother!!) – I’ll be back soon with some extra ensembles . . . .


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