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March 20, 2011 / Danielle

Day 63 – (bonus!)

Last night I went out with some of Chicago’s most fabulous theatre women (hey Emily, Madeline, Jess!) and we did the town up right, starting off at Red Canary for some absolutely drop-dead-delicious cocktails (and a Flirty Cupcake for Madeline, because it’s her birthday Monday and we were celebrating). From there we retired to Madeline’s fantastic Wicker Park pseudo-loft, where we killed Moet and Piper-Heidsieck until we had thoroughly caught up on eachother’s lives. (Well. Or until the bottles ran out. Which, to be honest, was about time for us to crash, anyway.)

I love all of my amazing lady-friends for different reasons, but definitely because all of them are happy to get dolled up and go out on a Friday night for no particular reason other than to enjoy life; to feel giddy and pretty and gleeful, and sip a little something alongside the stream of chitchat, to enjoy eachother and the world, and to celebrate what passes by.

Here’s What I Wore:

Victoria's Secret Pink dress, Forever 21 jacket, H&M tights, Carlos Santana shoes (Macy's), B-day present bubs (Thanks Austin!)

But you look so serious, Danielle. How can you make the same face you make at your seven-AM-reluctantly-awake-and-dressed-pre-work photo for your the-night-is-young-and-so-are-we evening?

Oh, what’s that you said? Champagne?

Oh yes, champagne!

Now – that’s better.

(Alternate caption? “Sequins and tulle and Moet? Oh my!”)


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