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March 20, 2011 / Danielle

Day 64

What’s that you say? “Why, Danielle, what on earth are you doing home on a wild-and-crazy-Chicago-Saturday-night?”

Well, readers dear, I am getting to know my new best friend, my Macbook Pro Veronica*.

That’s right y’all – I have a new laptop (many, many thanks, lovely Mummy) – and so here I am, at home and able to share with you the end of my ninth week of the challenge:

anthro dress and jacket, UO tights, Marc by Marc boots

This jacket came from me “you love this wear it” pile – and I’m reminded of how gorgeously it cinches my waist and flutters open at the top:

this picture uploaded SO quickly. Thanks Veronica.

And of course, this dress is quickly becoming a stalwart standby – one of these warmer days, you’ll get to see the whole thing solo.

You can also see the remains of last night’s fabbo hairstyle . . . I’ll be back to share that bonus ensemble with you shortly. (Suffice it to say, I spent my first few hours at my retail job this morning moving through a haze of bubbly-induced-fatigue . . . )

*After fictional San Diego’s famous newsanchor, Veronica Corningstone, of course.


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