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March 20, 2011 / Danielle

Day 65

Today is gray, wet, and rainy – and all of that? is fine with me.

It’s lazy Sunday – laundry, dishes, all sorts of at-home things need to be done – and I’m off for some exciting adventures tonight – but until then, I’m content to play with my new laptop and snooze . . .

But first, I had to meet my mom for brunch, which meant actually getting dressed;

anthro chemise-as-dress & sweater, Target tights, Marc by Marc boots

These are my infamous beloved slate blue tights; they’re laddered (to be British about it) almost to shreds above the knee, and feature a crazy-long run (there you go) below the other. But I love the color – it’s almost a glowy tone just between gray and blue, with a tinge of periwinkle; if I ever find some in this shade again (post challenge), I’m stocking up, as they seem to go with everything in a completely unexpected way.

Also – sigh – maybe air-drying this didn’t work as well as I’d hoped it would?

These boots do not like the rain, and definitely dashed in and out of puddles . . . I may just switch into my Hunters, should I decide to go out and pursue the cupcake truck (which visits the Chicago neighborhoods on Sunday, hurray!)


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