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March 21, 2011 / Danielle

Day 66

Guys, spring is slowly but surely approaching – we’ve hit a relatively consistant 60-to-40 degree day-time temperature range. This is still cold comfort, when I look at Wednesday’s predictions for snow, but I’m thrilling to bare legs regardless.

Here’s today:

anthro dress and earrings, Marc by Marc boots (sash borrowed from sixth-month-celebration dress)

Like I mentioned in my summary of last week, part of me is thinking “time to prove you wear ’em if you want to keep ’em” – so I reprise this dress from Day 25, but styled it for early spring rather than fall. (lost the tights, layers and the snowboots! Hurrah!)

plus, James Perse sweater

I bought this sweater from Macy’s ages ago; I used to wear it buttoned over a slip (which, to be honest, I could still do) . . . it’s a large, however, and sort of drowned me until I accidentally machine-washed-and-dried it? And now it’s just a big old comfy slouchy piece that’s too thin for real winter, but delightful in this transitional stage.

I did have a fabulous dress-up-dress for my fabulous dress-up-plans last night – but to be honest, I’m not crazy about the only pic I grabbed (it doesn’t do the dress justice – it’s not my vanity, I swear!) – so I’ll probably be back to show you that at a later date? (it’s a real swell little dress y’all.)


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