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March 22, 2011 / Danielle

Day 67

Today’s outfit was spurred by need; my agent specifically told me (literally), “I know you like to dress up, but this is super simple – jeans and a polo shirt.”

Sigh. I’m not one to ignore such a straight directive – so I eschewed my fancy skirts/tights/cardigans and tossed on the aforesaid polo and (at least!) a cozy sweater:

Target polo, anthro sweater & earrings, Joe's Jeans, UO flats

I’ve worn this sweater before (and even linked it to y’all once I’d bought it, I loved it so much).   I’m realizing it really doesn’t photograph well though (it’s drapey! I swear!) so here’s an alternate shot:

much better.

Much better.

Can you tell it’s been a hectic week/past weekend and I am way overdue on a long night’s sleep? Planning a move to the West coast (while still juggling my full-time life and three seperate careers) is already wearin’ me out, y’all. Looking forward to early bedtime tonight.


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