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March 23, 2011 / Danielle

Day 68

Okay, friends – I had another one of those days this morning. I could not for the life of me get dressed. I threw on both of my sweater dresses – neither were just right. (Oatmeal sweater dress, you’re breaking my heart – if I can’t wear you I’m not gonna keep you and there’s something off about your color and your fit . . . )

Finally, I reached for an outfit I’d put together mentally but was saving for a warmer day (cause we’re back to the lower 30s in Chi . . . sigh), and here it is:

anthro dress & sweater, UO tights, Marc by Marc boots, handmade earrings (gift)

This dress is one I need to wear more often – simple, flattering shape, all that jazz – and the fun belt does come off for mixing and matching (it’s a keeper.)

These earrings were a gift from my friend Pam (hey Pam!) who’s a creative force of nature; an actress, a musician (she plays in one of the country’s best jug bands), and both a beautiful painter and jeweler. She made them for me five years ago for a director’s gift after my first assistant-directing gig in Chicago. They don’t see a ton of air, because they’re beautifully statement-y – but I love them and I wear them happily whenever the right outfit pops up.

So y’all? I was digging through my drawers this morning, looking for more layering options for these aggressively difficult-to-style-as-I-like-them sweater dresses. . . and who. boy. do we have a ways to go in wearing things. Woof.

It’s all for the best. I have so many unworn dresses and tops – skirts that I’m waiting on wearing – and it’s gonna be fun going through them.

But my imagined shedding of the unnecessary? Keeps growing.


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