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March 24, 2011 / Danielle

Day 69

We may be back to 30-degree weather and even light dustings of snow, but dammit? It’s spring, Chicago, and nothing’s going to force me back into those snowboots*.

anthro dress & top, Hue Tights, Rampage boots

I love this little dove-gray dress (we’ve talked about this before), but it has proved difficult to style in layers. This is acceptable, of course, because I think it’ll be seeing more action in the true summer? Today, however, I spent five minutes chucking on different cardigans, jackets, and sweaters before I finally called off the search and settled for tried, true and simple**.

and yes, I've no idea why the skirt wrinkled in that strange way. (you can tell when I get really busy, can't you?)

And – what’s that? In my hand? Oh, that’s just my awesome friend Emily’s digital camera – which she has loaned to me (kindly and generously) for the express purpose of better documenting that blogging. (And yes, Em, it has taken me this long to figure out how to use it . .  . oops.)

So I’m hoping to eventually find a way of taking my own gorgeous photos like most of the fabulous fashion bloggers to your right  – though at this point, the best I could do with the self-timer was this:

Artsy? yes. Documentative…..? ……no.


One of these days, I am totes going to figure this out.

PS – totes forgot to show you my shoes – not that it’s particularly a sparkling picture – but for some reason I felt there was a sense of personality in these boots today:

*Famous last words?

** And yes, basically, this outfit is just a partial ripoff of this one (changed dress, tights, and boots) and a complete copy of this one (switching out skirts) – but that’s sort of the beauty of this project, right? Mixing for an almost-new look, fifty-odd days later?


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