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March 27, 2011 / Danielle

Day 71

Hey friends,

Just a quick post for yesterday, as I’m running around like a maniac today (got to catch my flight back to Chicago in two hours – but first must pack – and once I arrive, there’s laundry/cooking/taxes/etc to be done before I slip out for a fabulous party this evening . . . )

Here’s what I wore yesterday:

anthro swan shrug & anthro "Peggy Sue" dress

Yes, this photo was taken in my parents’ bathroom, and what a better backdrop it makes. Hmm.

closeup - for detailing on pretty shrug and dress

Also – somehow? In my parents’ house? I’m starting to look so much like my mother.

(which is fine. Of course. She’s very pretty. But emphasizes the creeping mortality of time.)

Oh, and those are my anthro cushion-cut faux- diamond studs – and I had a pair of coppery peep-toes shoes (you’ll see them again this summer, no doubt.)

And . . . yes, the wedding was at five, and that was still the only outfit I put on all day. (Viva la nightgown/sweater couch lounging with a book! Viva la Being At Home However Brief It May Be!)

Okay y’all – I’m off to find a way to stuff some of those cream cheese mints into my suitcase before I leave. (Oh my god, they’re so incredibly good. And I only ever see them at weddings. Which really, is for the best. Check out the recipe and you’ll understand.) (Annnnd – congratulations, Brendan and Stephanie – and thanks for having me as part of your totally awesome-and-fabulous party :-).




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