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March 27, 2011 / Danielle

Day 72

Back in sweet home Chicago (as you can no doubt tell from the photo:)

anthro dress & cardi, Hue tights, Bloomingdales socks, Marc by Marc boots

Note to self; afternoon light is way more flattering and bright than morning light (well duh) – must find way to take picture around 3-5 pm more often*.

It’s so nice to come back to Chicago and find it sunny and cheerful.

yay! sunshine!

And yes, y’all, this is the cardi I bought before starting this project.

I wasn’t too big on this “boots-and-socks” trend pre this project – but as a way to look current while investing a minimal amount (two, three pairs of socks max, right?) it’s not a bad look – and I’m enjoying being able to mix up my tights a little bit with it.

Also, I love the day after I do my hair, I always look a little windswept and hungover – but somehow it’s a look I’m comfortable with and feel good rockin’.

I’m home and it’s gorgeous out/in my bedroom and I’d like nothing better than to lounge around and drink up the sunshine – but I’ve got some cooking to do for this week and absolute stacks of laundry – if I can earn the time, I’ll be back in a bit for a summary of Week 10.

Happy Sunday y’all!

*Quitting day jobs and becoming homeless blogger? May not be worth it.

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