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March 28, 2011 / Danielle

Day 73

Or, Day 73: The First Day Something Got Potentially Ruined (Grr)

So here’s the story: I threw on today’s outfit and was pretty delighted with what I saw:

UO dress, anthro slip, Target tights, UO flats

As you know, I love this little slip dress, and the polka-dot anthro slip actually complimented it perfectly – kept it from being see-through, and added just the right amount of length and playful flourish to the bottom.

But THEN: I noticed a little discolored mark on the front of the dress. As if I’d splashed it with something and then not washed it out.

My first response, always, in such situations, is to saturate the  spot with soap and then scrub it out. Nine times out of ten, that’ll get the stain out, and the spot will airdry flawlessly.

This? Was the tenth time.

It turns out, the red dye in this little vintage-remade slip dress? isn’t colorfast. The more I scrubbed at my skirt, the bigger the spread of red edges. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I ended up whipping the dress off, soaking the whole thing, and hanging it up to dry in a frenzy . . . .realizing, of course, it’ll probably just end in a red hem and A RUINED DRESS. GAAAAAAAAHH!

 I think this is salvagable; I think if I go home tonight and soak the whole thing in soapy water and rinse and rinse and rinse until the water runs clear, it should be fine. Of course, at that point, there may be no red dye left in the dress anyway. (Who sell clothes that aren’t colorfast for at least water? I know it leaves spots on silk but seriously? Seriously. I know it was a vintage remake but you’d think they’d at least test that.)

So, the dress may or may not be ruined. And I’m grumpy about it. (and I liked this outfit.)

In my haste to get to work, I threw on the first thing at hand – which was, of course, this past week’s workhorse dress:

anthro dress and cardi, Target tights, UO flats

At least I didn’t have to change my shoes.

It’s fine, I’m dressed, I’m at work, all is . . . well. . . . fine. I’m just grouchy about the potential ruin of something I actually liked to wear in the midst of sorting out all these nos.

(And to add insult to injury, I spent fifteen minutes ravaging my closet last night in search of a dress before realizing I think – I believe – it’s still at the dry-cleaners. Oh, man. Epic clothes-care fail day.)

Grrr. I felt pretty. (Oh so pretty. ) And now I just feel serviceable and annoyed. (Booooooo.)

Ugh. Just barely back to the grind and already things are getting effed-up. Pbbbbbbbt.

(Sorry dudes. I promise to return in a better humor in the near future.)


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