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March 30, 2011 / Danielle

Day 75

Guys! I resuscitated the dress!

UO dress, anthro slip, Target tights, UO flats

Huzzah! Here’s how:

After its first initial total-soak, I hung it up to dry on the radiator and tucked paper towels underneath to absorb the red runoff. Note: this was a terrible mistake. I came home to find, of course, that the running dye had dried in an heavier concentration over the draped edges, and at the hem.

So I got serious. I ran another sink full of cold water (since the radiator heat was part of what had helped the edges draped over the top accumulate the heaviest color) and soaked the dress again. This time I threw in some dish soap, and kneaded the whole mess as if it were a loaf of Amazingbread. (More about that, funnily enough, in a bit.)

The water turned pink with run-off dye; I drained the sink and filled it right back up again, and scrubbed the dress again. I repeated this process, ooh, three times? until the water went from cherry-punch red to the slightest hint of peach.  At that point, I ran one more sinkful, made sure the dress was totally saturated, and left it over night. (I’d also taken care to completely cover the darker-tinted spots with soap.)

Annnnd yesterday morning, I soaked and rinsed it one more time, then ran downstairs first thing and threw it in the dryer on delicate. (This time, I wasn’t taking any drip-dry chances). When I pulled it out right before I left for work? It was almost as good as new.

There are a few slightly (oh so slightly) pinkish-tinged spots? But it’s mostly just a peachier tint to the cream backdrop, and no apparent damage to the pattern.

We call this: success.


And of course, I just threw on the prior ensemble, down to the (freshly rinsed, I’m not that gross) tights and the shoes:

Except – I’m (finally) making a concession to (stupid, stupid), (unreasonable), (annoying as hell) March cold – and throwing on a sweater as well:

anthro sweater - oh, and anthro earrings

I actually can’t believe you haven’t seen this sweater yet; it’s a bit of a pain to style because of the enormous drapey neck? (Zipping a puffy-coat over it = a challenge.)  But it’s such a fun, flattering and cozy piece, and can be worn a couple of different ways (one as a cape, guys. For. real.)

Also – today the blog and I got a shoutout from Choosy Beggars for our continued proclamations of our love of Amazingbread (huzzah again!)* The Choosy Beggars have just revamped the traditional Monkey Bread (on whose foundation Amazingbread was begun) with a new recipe for a peanut butter, banana, and coconut version of the original . . . . I’m sorry, I might have to take a moment to wipe up the drool here . . . in any case, check it out and enjoy the ramped-up intensity with which your friends will start contacting you.

(I’m serious, guys. Sample conversation: “So, yeah, I made Amazingbread to cheer myself up, it was an incredibly tough weekend and I’m still trying to recover.” “YOU MADE AMAZINGBREAD?”)

(To be clear: I am more than happy to spend my summer experimenting with pull-apart breads and continuing my epic quest to construct the perfect $20 sangria. Let’s do this, Chicago.)

*And she said such nice things about my dresses. Thanks guys! You’re incredibly talented nice-folk. And my friends and I are supremely, supremely grateful for your work.

(Oh, and here’s where these things have been worn before:

  • Dress: Day 54 (aborted attempt Day 73)
  • Shoes: Day 7359
  • Slip: Day 73


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  1. Mike / Mar 30 2011 5:50 pm

    We will support you in concocting a discount sangria. Low-cost drinking is my wheelhouse.

    • Danielle / Mar 30 2011 7:19 pm

      Awesome. sauce.

      I have no less than three recipes so far – all constructed from Trader Joe’s elements? But I am absolutely, thoroughly excited to see what you guys come up with. 🙂

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