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April 1, 2011 / Danielle

Day 77

You may have noticed that recently I’ve been linking back, item by item, to previously worn outfits. In doing this, I’ve been doing a lot of tracking back over the rest of the blog (Days 76-through-1). Looking at what I’ve worn already (and what I’ve yet to sport) has been a ton of fun, actually; and today’s outfit was inspired by two previous posts:

anthro blouse, belt, and infamous skirt; UO flats, Target tights

Basically, I’ve swapped out the boots, belt and blouse of this ensemble (Day 48), and thrown in the belt inspired by this one (Day 5).

I had a real debate with myself over the potential for boots, but opted to stick with flats. It is April, after all.

It’s been (and will keep being) a busy, busy week – lots to do and lots of it niggling paperwork, etc (grr) – but I’ll be back this weekend for some commentary on the journey so far.

And . . . . to mix-and-match trackback:


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