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April 2, 2011 / Danielle

Day 78

Sleepy redhead is sleepy today, y’all – but she still got dressed and went to her retail gig:

anthro everything but the flats (UO flats)

This maxi dress is sooooo comfy. And it’s verging-upon-though-just-not-quite-yet-springlike outside? So I was really okay with the barely-there sleeves of this little “if you love it, wear it, darling” top.

sleepy redhead doesn't want to not sleep right now.

That necklace is actually a lot longer – when I realized I needed something to sit right at my breastbone, I futzed with it just slightly  to make it work. (I’ll show y’all how in an unbelievably simple Make Do trick soon).

Sleepy redhead’s gonna nap now, so that she can begin scrubbing her house and putting her bedroom to rights (it’s a mess in here, guys) before the weekend is out!

Worn before:


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