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April 4, 2011 / Danielle

Day 80

You may be able to get around the world in eighty days, but I have still haven’t made it through half of my closet. (No, seriously. Just you wait, guys.)

Ann Taylor shell, anthro dress & belt, Hue tights, Doc Martens boots

I found this top buried at the bottom of a drawer; it’s probably, ooh, seven years old? (I used to wear it paired with a pink charmeuse skirt to auditions . . . I felt so fabulous.) Because it’s silk, and I’ve handled it pretty gently, it seems to have survived the years pretty well?

I do love love love this dress, though I’m beginning to think it looks so autumnal I’m not sure I can pull it off in spring (though it might be just sticky-candy-treat-looking to wear into holiday?)

purple tights, hurrah!

(And did you guys notice how tidy my room looks? All-day cleaning for the bi-winning!)

(And yes, this belt is the same as my orange one . . . and umm, would you judge me if it also happened in green?)

I’m hoping for a slow and lazy catch-up workday- I’m not sure what was in the air last night, but I barely slept. Be gentle to us, Monday!

What worn when:


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