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April 4, 2011 / Danielle

Make Do or Do Without: Coin Necklace

This is such an easy Make-Do trick that it’s practically nothing – but I’m embarrassed to admit it only occurred to me last year? So there’s a chance you may not have thought of it either.

You may remember Saturday, when I needed some neck-bling to cover my decolletage; and yet, everything I had was the wrong length? Here’s how I jury-rigged this:

Day 53

into this:

Day 78

Here’s what I did.

You’re gonna need a little piece of ribbon (string, twine, or yarn is fine too – but ribbon looks the best), and the necklace:

ribbon. necklace. shiny table.

Figure out how short you want the necklace to be (at which point you’d like it to drape from the top of your shoulder.)(In this case, I wanted it to hang so the coins looked like the entire necklace, without any plain chain.)

Thread the ribbon (needs to be skinny, or very carefully rolled at the point) through the link where you’d like to shorten it:

ribbon threaded through the link

And then do the same on the other side. (If you want it to be symmetrical, line up the edges; if not, futz with it until you find a drape you like. Either way, make sure the ribbon is long enough so that you can still slip the necklace over your head – or wait to pass the ribbon through the second link until you’ve already put it on.)

all set!

Now, throw the necklace on (over your head, or before threading the second loop). (You can either undo the clasp and let it hang down your back, or double it forward in the front with the rest of the necklace.) (and yes isn’t this easy?) (and yes you’re almost done).

So from here:

Pull the ends of the ribbon together until you’re happy with the drape; and then tie a knot or a bow.

little bow!

And…..yeah, simple as that. (I’m embarrassed it took me 26 years.)

From this:

to this.

easy peasy!

Level of Difficulty: Super. Easy

Level of Satisfaction: Great

Success?: Absolutely YES.


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