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April 5, 2011 / Danielle

Day 81

Ahh, sleep. After getting the eight hours I needed and then some last night (true story: I was in bed less than ninety minutes after getting home, and I still made dinner), I am refreshed and delighted this morning to present you this*:

Urban Outfitters tunic, anthro slip, necklace, tights, Marc by Marc boots

My mom bought me this tunic for ten bucks last summer (on sale!) and I’ve probably worn it, oh, three times? since then. I realized it was a little short for work, but a perfect fit with this gorgeous anthro slip (which I adore).

Flirty, fun, comfy (food-baby-hiding? I need to start wearing this post girl-dates).

In a perfect world? I’d run out and buy some chunky, fabulous black ankle booties to go with this (I can just SEE them in my head, sigh.) But we live in an imperfect and challenging world, and I’m happy enough to make do with my beloved marcbymarcs. (A few years back I saw an black and white anthropologie dress styled with black tights and cognac boots in their catalogue? And I’ve been a fan of the pairing ever since.)

Off to face the day, folks! God speed to you on your travels too.

*And making a vow to start going to bed at 10:30 regularly. Seriously. I feel so good** when I do.

**Well, except that sometimes I also feel a little like I”m a boring loser with no wild-and-crazy-partying in my life. Which I pretty much am (with the exception of the occasional girls’ night), but no one likes to have it cemented by being asleep before Conan comes on.

Previously (worn), on the Year of Nothing New:


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