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April 10, 2011 / Danielle

Day 85

Hey lovely folk. Here’s my (one more quickie) ensemble for this eighty-fifth day of not shopping:

anthro dress & tank, Old Navy sweater, UO flats

I love this dress. It was another $20 find (I am queen of the sale rack), and the skirt moves and billows in ways I can’t even describe*.

I swear to you, my floor is level. I'm not even sure how I managed to do this.

It was a simple, comfy outfit for my early morning at the retail gig. ( . . . that didn’t take into account the amount of stairs I’d be climbing. And the skirt that needed serious lifting to climb ’em. Maybe I started looking like I was about to go wading.)

the fact that it was early and I was in a hurry is really starting to show, isn't it?

But . . wading in such cute shoes? Win?

*Umm, and I totally tore it today under the arm. Not the seam, people, the fabric. Which I think is fixable by sewing a backing piece of cotton to it, but, hey, sigh, don’t ruin beautiful barely-worn dresses, redhead . . .

A few little things I mixed up earlier:


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