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April 12, 2011 / Danielle

Day 88

Okay guys; Day 88 is called by three possible titles:

  1. “Danielle Used To Work For a Photographer So You’d Think She Could Get An Image In Frame and In Focus”

    Exhibit A

  2. “Danielle Used To Pose A Lot For Said Photographer But Still Has No Idea What To Do With Her Hands”:

    Exhibit B

  3. “Just Stop And Admit It’s An Outtake (And all the playing with levels/cropping in the world won’t make keeping your hair out of your lipgloss ‘Artistic’)”

Boy, it’s fun learning to take your own pictures, guys!

(Okay – I am actually having a good time. No lie.)

All new stuff today, boots aside – I got the top in England for a few quid, and while I’ve worn it infrequently, I’ve always liked it. The skirt was an amazing sale room find – I think I paid $10 for it? To be honest, I’m not crazy about it – I’ve never been a big fan of creme and it’s almost a little too classic for my tastes – but it is pretty wearable and feminine for what it is (and certainly, for what I paid).

And of course we know my love for the Game Gams tights –  as illustrated here – when I bought, umm, both colors. (And wore the brown on Day 9(b) .)

Sported/spotted before:


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