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April 16, 2011 / Danielle

Day 92

Y’all, it is raining something springlike in Chicago. Cold, blustery and drizzling – kind of perfect for a quiet Saturday, but did make taking my outdoor photos a real pain. For some reason, I had trouble getting the camera to focus properly – and didn’t feel like spending another chilly half hour outdoors to nail down why – so you’re getting something that’s ‘artistically’ a little moody and out of focus?

We can just call it that, right?

Today, I woke up running late for my acting class – and went to throw on the infamous ‘almost ruined but then revived’ dress – only to discover?

I shrunk it in the wash*.

No. lie.

Sigh. It’s now super tight around the arms and juuuuust a little too short for me to feel comfortable wearing among strangers doing very honest exercises. . . .so I reached for old reliable Snow White skirt, and then couldn’t believe I hadn’t already paired it with this top. (Seriously. I had to browse through the days on the train to make sure.)

In any event – it’s a raindrops on roses type day – and I’m gonna go snuggle my kitten. (And eat frosting straight from the tub**.)

*As you Twitter friends already heard.

**In a vaguely restrained fashion, at 70 calories a tablespoon . . .

You’ve seen it all before:


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