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April 17, 2011 / Danielle

A Quarter Way Through: A Brief Recap

Y’all, it has been thirteen weeks, 92 days, and a full three months since I bought a stitch of clothing*.

Part of me just wants to dance around madly shrieking “THREE MONTHS, THREE MONTHS, THREE MONTHS” like this is a pep rally gone out of control; but I’ll restrain myself enough to say – Guys! I can’t believe I’ve gone a full season without buying a single thing to wear!

Let’s review,  shall we?

  • I woke up a little over three months ago completely panicked; how would I survive with shopping?
  • I ate my way through the first month, needing cookies and carbs and potatoes in ALL their forms to pull through.
  • I caught a lucky break in my vacation, enabling me to embrace a change of dress with all my beach clothes after weeks of tights.
  • I said no and no  and no to myself, and I mixed, remixed  and made do  as much as I could.

I know I don’t want to celebrate TOO much – we’ve still got 268 days to go, three seasons to get through (you haven’t met half of my sandals or pumps! – and there’s still a couple dozen unworn summer dresses . . .)

But hey – there it is. Three months of shopping my closet and finding it bountiful enough to dress myself everyday. Even when it wasn’t quite right (or even when, let’s face it, I hated it) – there’s been enough so far for 91 outfits. And that should be plenty for anyone, right?

In another life, I’d go get a new dress to celebrate this milestone. And though I still kinda want to**  Today, I’ll go digging through my closet to find what I’ll be wearing for Day 93. (94, 95, 96. . .)

Stay tuned – I’ll be back tomorrow with some exciting news . . .

*Or a link of jewelry . . . a shoelace of footwear?

**Defeating your addictions? Takes time.

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