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April 20, 2011 / Danielle

Day 96

Oh, man, guys. This week is knocking my socks off.  This acting class I’m taking is kicking my ass in all kinds of fantastic ways – but definitely, definitely making me more vulnerable and exposed. Stir in with that some bein’ busy and some ‘still planning a major move while working two jobs/doin’ two theatre gigs’ – I love my life. I love my life, I love my life* . . .

So – it is still stupid cold and wet. (Chicago, did you not get the memo that spring means a light coat and crocuses?) Back to my stash of winter sweaters we go, though paired with a summery skirt I’ve not yet worn:

anthropologie sweater & skirt, Ann Taylor Loft shirt and belt, Target tights, Hunter boots

And you can see every little bit of sleep-fatigue on my face there, can’t you?

I love this skirt (and somehow, it’s so wrinkled on camera, but I swear it looks fine in real life?). I wore it to death all last summer -it’s such a lightweight cotton it doesn’t feel appropriate for winter-wear, but I’d say expect to see a lot of it in my remaining office time . . . if Chicago ever stops being Narnia.

Here’s my Day-96 Unintentionally Artsy Shot:

All right – if I can just get through this week? Life gets simple after Easter Sunday.

Well, maybe after Monday.

Or, you know, in July.

*Yes – intenti0nal shades of Emily Blunt there.

Previously sported:


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