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April 21, 2011 / Danielle

Day 97

I resolved yesterday that if Mother Nature was going to play hardball with us? I’d just take this opportunity to rewear everything I loved from winter. Fine, Mother Nature. Be that way.

So, naturally, after digging out all my velvet dresses/wool jackets/patterned tights . . . Today dawned decent and sunny.

Again – I give up the fight. You’ve seen all this before – but it felt simultaneously warm and layered with a touch of approaching spring:

anthro skirt & cardi, Ann Taylor Loft tee, Hue tights, Urban Outfitters flats

Also, the mustard-colored buttons of the cardigan echo the skirt in a way that makes me incredulous that I haven’t paired these two together before . . .

You may be seeing a lot that you’ve seen before this week (remixed, of course) as I try to plow through my cold weather clothes rather than rushing to spring, as I’d hoped . . . but after that? It gets washed/cleaned, folded neatly/hung on a good hanger, and pushed to the back of the closet for . . . well, honestly, who knows? I’m pretty sure you’ll see the gold skirt again next year: simple, easy, pull-on pretty (and God knows, I have worn it with everything). But since my life next year will be so different than it is now?

Who knows. Who knows what may be in store.

Ooh – and just a reminder – there’s still four days to enter my Quarter-Way-Through Giveaway: Go comment here!

Mixed up with everything:


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