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April 22, 2011 / Danielle

Day 98

Wow, y’all, we’re coming up on 100 days here. I’ve thought ahead to celebrations for Quarters 2/3, and I’ve got a halfway dress long-since-purchased and hanging in the closet, waiting for love on July 15th (when, I just realized, I will be in L.A. – look out L.A.!) But it looks like I’m gonna need to rustle up something special for day 100 . . . . pity I won’t have the spare six hours to make Amazingbread?

In any event – this weather? Is intense, y’all. Check out my “Danielle-in-a-wind-tunnel” photos here (and these were best I could get:)

anthro skirt & top, Limited blouse, Hunter boots, Topshop? flower

This blouse is eons old – I’ve had it since my sophomore year of college – and yes, it’s pretty gross and icky at this point, but I have yet to find its equal for layering  – just the right length, opens exactly the right amount, fits close to the skin and therefore lays flat, etc.

The flower in my hair was a last-minute whim. It began life attached to a scrunchie, and is another relic from so long ago, I don’t even remember where I found it (my gut says England, but my gut also says “on the way to a beach?” ) It has long since lost all its elasticity, so today I boldly chopped away its useless stretched-out band, skewered it with a couple of bobby pins, and threw in my storm swept hair. An attempt to pretend this weather is monsoon season? A misguided throwback to vacation, due to my intense craving for a Jamaican pina colada*?

what, what, what are you doing (Chicago weather)?

Whatever it is – I am through with waiting for Chicago to tell me when the seasons are changing. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go brush debris out of my hair.

*Characterized by being drenched in coconut rum and served at 2 pm. On a beach.

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