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April 25, 2011 / Danielle

Day 101

Guys, I am still a little shell-shocked at having reached (over) 100 days. Especially because it’s currently such a busy time, I’ve got no fun-play-space to go out and celebrate it. I did spent an hour or so last night flicking through the closet (an excellent thing to do when you’re seized with “I’ve nothing to wear”itis) and putting together outfits for this week, about which I’m kind of excited. Today, however, I’ve got a staged reading to run to post-work, so simple and subtle is the name of the game:

anthro everything but the Hunter boots

I’ll admit, today’s outfit (and weather, for that matter) feels pretty boring and uninspiring. (Aside from the fancy tights, which you really can’t see there but look something like this:)

close up of knees. (now knees feel sort of self-conscious.)

The bad news is that the rain isn’t slated to let up for ages yet. (Perhaps not til Friday, boooooooooo.) The good news is? I have almost a full week’s worth of scarcely-or-not-yet-worn pieces to play with and show you – about which I am inordinately excited.

So let’s forget today’s boring ensemble and focus on the fun stuff to come . . .

Oh, and don’t forget – I’m picking out the winner tonight for my Quarter-Way-Through Giveaway – if you want to participate, click here! (There’s still time!)

Repeat pieces:


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