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April 26, 2011 / Danielle

Day 102

Sigh. It’s still rainy and gray in Chicago, and is supposed to be all week (although at least it’s finally warmer, which is an excellent beginning – keep it up, Chitown, we have faith! You can do it!) To add insult to injury, the plumbing in my building is being replaced, and this is our second straight day without hot water (or, honestly, water at all.) So . . . . I’m feeling slightly Little-House-On-the-Prairie at this point? )(Here’s hoping that’s addressed before I get home tonight.)

Hunters aside (or perhaps included – April showers, after all), I’m feeling pretty springy in my ensemble today:

anthro dress, Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, Ann Taylor belt, Hunter boots

(I’ll admit – I’m a wee tired and grumpy after my late night out at the reading – and my early morning discovery that I would have to bathe like a down-on-my-luck Victorian.)

This little cropped cardigan has made an appearance or two here, but I haven’t really talked about how much I love it; I picked it up three years ago just to throw over an audition dress, but it’s proved so useful. Simple, cute, and just makes wearing all of my other more colorful/dramatic  stuff? Easier and more practical.

I also love the narrow little belt – part of my enormous “skinny belts in bright colors” collection, of course – but again, something I picked up for $10 that I’ll wear for 20 years.

And of course  – this dress feels like the ultimate spring piece to me. Blues, greens, a sparkling bit of yellow – sigh. Spring! Keep coming!

I’ll be back later today to announce the winner of the $25 Celebratory-Giveaway! Hurrah!

It’s all been done before:


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