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April 29, 2011 / Danielle

Day 105

Despite being an exiled Brit (well, exiled by choice), I did not get up before the crack of dawn today to watch those two crazy kids get hitched. (But my office and I did spend the first hour crazily looking up videos, and yes, both her dress and Pippa’s bridesmaid dress were mightily fetching – well done Kate!)

It is sunny in Chicago for the first time in what feels like years – but I think is actually just since last weekend. Yay! Bare legs it is!

anthro skirt & necklace, Express top, H&M jacket (via Buffalo Exchange), UO flats

I bought this jacket for $8 at the Buffalo Exchange on Broadway, just north of Diversey; of course, the first time I wear it in – can it be three years? – the inside button popped. (So forgive the pulling. It sits beautifully when it’s buttoned.)

I bought this shirt for my (drum roll please) 20th birthday. That was my college tradition; go to Express every January 15th and buy something new from the sale. This is one of the few remnants of that birthday-shop-a-thon.

The necklace is a little goodie I picked up on sale at anthropologie; as you guys have probably noticed, I don’t tend to wear much jewelry, but I do love a couple great statement pieces. (And I wanna try and get a little more mileage out of this one before I get to theatre-school-and-sweatpants . . . )

Ooh, and for fun;

my royal-wedding big-ass hat.

Well, now I just look like I’m playing dress-up.

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  1. Julia Bradbury / Apr 29 2011 9:23 pm

    Hi, well the weather has been kinder these last few days and feels nice not to be wrapped up in a cocoon every time I go out and a good day for the Royal Wedding too.
    By the way, your Outfit looks great.

  2. Julia Bradbury / May 2 2011 11:13 am

    Hi Danielle, Sorry you’ve not been well.
    It’s now Monday 2nd May (Bank Holiday) and the weather is still fine and sunny, but of course being in England they are now shouting “drought” but no doubt by the end of the weekwe will be scratching for our Wellingtons again. lol

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