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May 2, 2011 / Danielle

Day 107

Hey people – I am somewhat recovered (still pretty sure I’m gonna crash in about half an hour and sleep the whole night through) – but spent the day working for my old photog boss, so she kindly snapped a shot of today’s ensemble:

anthropologie headband, Forever 21 jacket, Ann Taylor cardigan, Joe's jeans, Urban tank top and flats

I remembered this sequinned tank (that, yes, I have worn as a dress) while putting together some posts for you guys with thoughts on ‘how to’ in terms of a shopping-fast. (They’ll pop up pretty soon, so keep your eye out!)

As we know, if I wanna keep it? I gotta be wearing it. So I thought I’d see if it could gussy up my largely practical ensemble today.

The jacket is actually an almost identical twin to one you have seen before (both remnants from my “nothing but black and semi-formal” retail year) and of course you know the flats/capris/cardi. The headband was one of the very first things I ever bought from anthropologie (two or three years back?) and I adore it so, so much. (I may have last worn it two Halloweens back to play a can-can dancer; clearly, it needs to make a more frequent appearance?) (It feels almost large enough to double as a very small hat.)

I’m so sorry for my basically AWOL situation; things are starting to get heavily, heavily busy. It’s wonderful, and exciting, and I’m really thrilled to hit the ground running on the move/the play/a new staged reading downtown (and both jobs, and class, of course) – in any event, I’ll be lighter on the outfit posting, but should still have some topical stuff I’ve previously whipped up for you guys appearing soonish?

Bear with me! I’m still not shopping! (Perhaps, at the moment, because I’m confined to my bed and my debit card isn’t with grasping distance – but still!)

Worn before:


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  1. Julia Bradbury / May 2 2011 2:57 pm

    Hi Danielle, You look a lot better now and your top is fit for any Royal Wedding.
    Must mention the pic is a lot sharper than previous ones, perhaps it’s because you’ve changed the location.

    • Danielle / May 2 2011 8:00 pm

      Hi Julia – thanks! I am still a bit under the weather, sadly, but hopefully that’ll change.
      The pic was taken with my lovely boss’s very fancy-and-expensive camera, which helps with the improved quality, I think? But I’m looking forward to not relying on my iPhone any more (hopefully I’ll be able to grab a new camera in a few weeks!)

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