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May 2, 2011 / Danielle

Day 108

I woke up today sick as I’ve been – I’m not sure what this mysterious plague is, but basically I want to go to sleep on every possible surface. Of course this falls during one of my busiest weeks – lots going on at work and a big reading coming up – and so I’m hoping to knock this out with plenty of vitamin C and avoiding all of my most fun vices. . .

All that said – it’s finally starting to feel summery – and I don’t care how gross I feel, this dress couldn’t wait to pop out any longer:

anthropologie dress & belt, DSW shoes

This dress (the Cock-a-doodle-do dress, for anthro fans, the “chicken dress” to me) is actually not entirely mine; my BFF Annie and I found that we both coveted it and we both fit into the size six, so we bought it together. We live four blocks apart, so it enjoys a fairly regular joint custody, and we’ve already decided to share it seasonally once I hit California . . . (naturally, I’ll take the November-May shift.)

This is one of my all-time favorite anthropologie belts – simple, classic, gorgeous. (And yes, in classic Danielle fashion, I own it in the dark brown as well.)

Finally, the skirt pretty much demands heels (so here’s the first appearance of my UO flats-equivalent peeptoes – they see a lot of action at auditions and during the summer.)(A beige-to-nude* heels is pretty much one of my closet-must-haves.)

And – it may be May – but it’s still Chicago. Here’s the outfit with my sweater on top:

and anthro sweater. That looks more like me.

*Tim Gunn** once told me that ‘nude’ is a racist color-name. And he’s right. Cause honestly, I’ve got so much peach in my skin that these nude heels are nowhere near my color (now, who’s selling pink-and-slightly-freckly patent pumps these days?)

**Well, me and several hundred other people. At Borders. But I did shake his hand and get a picture.

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