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May 5, 2011 / Danielle

Day 111

Woof. It’s a busy, busy, busy week, guys – I’m running to two sets of rehearsals, an audition, a class and a performance in the next three days (and that’s just what happens after the 9-5).  I’m not complaining – it’s great having so much work (theatre is always feast-or-famine!) – but woof, I could use a moment or two to sit down. (And learn my lines.) (And properly highlight that script.) (Ooh, I should have had that work project done – two days ago.)

Anyway. All this hectic activity meant that today’s outfit had to take me from work to a commercial audition (for a “hottie-hottie” – my agent’s exact words) to a first rehearsal for a staged reading where I play the less attractive sister. (Literally? Going from an audition where I ‘could be a lingerie model’ to one where I’m the unpretty sister of a model.)

(Sidebar: I have been to auditions with combination “models and ‘real people'”. These can be wildly depressing and/or incredibly validating – oftentimes validating only because you realize that these beautiful, glamorous, lean-as-baby-deer amazons look a little like aliens up close, their tiny hip-bones jutting out next to my shoulders. In any event, let me be clear; I am in no way a model. But sometimes, I get to play one in an audition. That‘s the fun part.)

So what to wear for that ridiculous day?

Ann Taylor Loft jacket, Diane von Furstenberg top, Rock & Republic skirt, Bandolino pumps (via Macy's)

You know I love this jacket, and have been trying to find a reason to wear it again. This skirt is one of my go-to pieces (now that I’ve finally shaken enough Jamaicay-chub to squeeze back into it) for casual auditions – comfortable, sharp, fits nicely. And yes, those are infamous heels I bought for $15 and wore . . . once.

And yes – right now? It’s pretty work appropriate and comfy . . . but then:

oh, wait, what's that?

Suddenly, throwing off the jacket, a mild-mannered office girl becomes:

Five-foot-six and size-six-hips playing “lingerie model”. Loves it.

(You  can tell I’m having way too much fun with this, right?)

Diane von Furstenberg, you are now, and will always be, my favorite favorite.

I’ll try to sneak back later and give you guys a peek once the curls have settled and I’ve done the makeup . . . (no point in going all out at 8 am for a 4 pm audition.)

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  1. Julia Bradbury / May 5 2011 7:17 pm

    Hi Danielle, your Outfit is nice and Summery, the weather over here (England) broke today, non stop rain so I was back in my Wellingtons,no doubt you will be wearing your Wellingtons in the next few days, oh I am so pessimistic. ha ha

    • Danielle / May 6 2011 6:29 pm

      Hi Julia, let’s hope for good weather! But always grateful for the Wellies in the event of such downpours . . .

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