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May 7, 2011 / Danielle

Day 113

Hey m’dears, I’m just gonna check in briefly in the midst of a very busy day (I’ll fill you in tomorrow) – but here’s what  I wore to class this morning:

anthro sweater (swapped), anthro top, Vince capris and Bloch flats (Bloomingdales)

(Can you tell it was something of a rough day at theatre school?)

These shorts might be the only pair I own and really wear (and are they shorts? Are they Bermudas? Are they capris? I don’t know, I don’t care. They’re the only cropped pants I’ve ever owned that I really liked.) I bought them four years ago when I worked at Bloomingdales – and because of them? I’d recommend Vince, as a brand, to anyone and everyone. (They’ve held up astonishingly well, give how much I’ve worn them, and I love the fit  – so while they are wildly expensive? They feel like a definite case of getting what you paid for.)

And yes, the little ballet flats are my Bloch ones – spensy, and loved – and I’m hoping they’ll wear well into my rapidly approaching grad life. . .

Okay – out and about – but will be checking in (hopefully with real pictures from my new camera!) tomorrow!

Previously mixed

  • Sweater: Day 23
  • Shirt: Day 100
  • Flats: Day 37

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