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May 11, 2011 / Danielle

Day 117

First of all, let me just say how much I appreciate all your lovely comments – it’s so wonderful to run into kind strangers on the internet, and I am so touched that some of you took a moment to say nice things. ūüôā Thanks. And please let me know if you too are a fashion/frugal blogger – I should be able to spend a little more solid time in front of the computer in a week or so, and I’m always up for new blogs to read and to add to my blogroll!

Today’s outfit is something new and exciting to me so far in this project. Some of you may have seen me twittering about my trouble¬†coming up with an ensemble for today; I’m headed to another camera audition, which means simple as possible. They’d requested I look¬†“young and hip”.

Guys, call me a geratric, but without pulling out my sequinned tank¬†and a fancy headband, I have no idea what ‘hip’ looks like. (I suspect¬†it probably has to do with my fedora? Right? Maybe? No clue. I’m¬†officially old.)
So, the stage is set; clueless redhead has no idea what to wear tomorrow.

Enter my friend LJ. Her roommate was cleaning out her (beautifully curated) closet, and LJ suggested I come over to borrow something from her new stash.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you; my first something borrowed of the project.

J. Crew cardi & tee, AG jeans, Alfani sandals (Macy's)

I’ve always liked J. Crew but never shopped there – there was enough¬†overlap between their work and Ann Taylor’s that after two years of¬†working and shopping AT on my discount, I never felt justified in¬†purchasing anything. I love the quality, though – whisper-soft,¬†pliable, a huggable fit – I’m really, really happy in these. (It is a testament to how much I love my friend that I’m not trying to have them ‘fall’ into my California-bound suitcase.)

And yes! The first sandals of the season! (It’s like ninety degrees y’all. I’m sweating in all these layers.) I bought these at Macy’s for this project as my backup sandals, and they felt right for today . . .

I’m still in the midst of catching up to life being ¬†. . . .well, basically, artistically wonderful and madly insane. So please be patient with me! I’ll be around more soon!

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