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May 15, 2011 / Danielle

Day 121

Oh, Chicago. Your spring is an elusive tease, and your summer a late arrival (we won’t be consistently warm here until July . . . )

And totally, it’s back to winter. As I tweeted, the upside of this, I guess, is that I get at least one more go-round of some of my favorite winter basics?

So here’s my Errandy Sunday ensemble:

marc by marc jacobs sweater jacket, anthro dress, Charlotte Russe tights, Rampage boots, Ann Taylor earrings

This jacket is, yes, another of the freebies given to me by my loverly friend LJ – and though a teeny bit big, I am digging it for the frigidly cold day. (And I am confirming – I’ll have a post for you about how weird it is to wear something newish? Tomorrow.)

I’m off today to try and run some errands, make a bigger dent in the room-cleaning, and hopefully shake some of the low-level panic I seem to be carrying around with me these days (student loans! messy room! healthy diet completely fallen apart in the face of everything!)

And  PS – the lovely JessPGH, of Consume or Consumed, gave me a wonderful little shoutout on her blog yesterday, thank you! Some of you may have seen a few of her comments here and there on the blog –  it has been a delight to have such a well-thought and well-spoken dialogue with her already. And I’m glad to know someone in the blogosphere who shares my mutual adoration of both anthropologie and the great Ms. von Furstenberg.




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  1. jesspgh / May 15 2011 8:27 pm

    Sorry to hear about the cold front! But you are definitely making the best of it. I love seeing the ways you mix and remix the Chirping Chemise because it gives me great ideas for wearing mine! You look lovely as usual and that jacket is quite the fancy swap fodder! I love its big buttons. MBMJ is another vice of mine…

    Thank you also for the very kind acknowledgment! I really admire your dedication to this project and find the way you write to be incredibly incisive. So I couldn’t help but profess it through some good old link love. 🙂

    • Danielle / May 16 2011 5:11 pm

      Jess – that’s my favorite part of reading fashion blogs, particular the anthro ones! I love seeing what other people do with their pieces – it gives me such good ideas for mine 🙂

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