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May 16, 2011 / Danielle

Day 122 (One Third Down, Y’all!)

Guys, as of late last night? I was officially (am, officially) one third of the way done with this project.

Holy crap. That is a long time to go without buyin’ clothes.

I’m still stunned by all the same things: how much I have, and how little I wear some of it (there’s still a good 40-45% waiting for your first glimpse.) When I move, I intend to take inventory for you (now that’ll be fun) – I want to calculate, as I pack, how much I’ve actually, genuinely got. I want to know exactly the extent of the shopping mania.

(And yes, no matter how embarrassing/ridiculous? I will share it with you.)

(I will admit to a secret fear that once I know everything in my closet?  I’ll be way more tempted to add to it. And certainly not to subtract. (Sigh. Shopping addiction is addicting.))

In any event, that’s in the future. Today, in celebration of 1/3rd, I’m sporting the dress I wore the very first day (and only once since):

anthro dress and necklace (birthday dress!), Hunter boots, Ann Taylor Loft jacket

And yes, it is chilly enough in Chicago for me to need my snowboots.  Sunny and not raining, yes, but crap, it’s cold. (I’m pretty sure they’ve already turned off the heat in my building, as I nearly froze on my way to the shower this morning.)(Grumble grumble grumble.)

The temperature’s hanging out between the forties and fifties for the rest of the week, so be prepared to see a few more pseudo wintery outfits before I subside to the call of my summer sundresses . . .

I don't care if they make my hips look bigger - I love pockets.

I’m glad to get one more chance to bust out this jacket, though. (And I may try to sneak another in before we finally get our promised heat.)

From sandals to snowboots inside of a week? That’s Chicago.

Remixed (for four months now):


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  1. Julia Bradbury / May 16 2011 7:04 pm

    Hi Danielle, now did I tempt providence? anyway it’s nice to see you wearing your Wellies again, I had mine on again today so we must be soul mates.


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