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May 22, 2011 / Danielle

Days 126 & 127

Hey readers dear. Sorry for my mini-absence – there was so much happening the past few days!- but I got so much knocked off my to-do list (financial aid paperwork, cleaning and laundry, started the search for a *ahem* convertible . . . and found options!).

That said, I’m giddy-glad to catch up on outfits!

As those of you who follow on Twitter already heard, I had a A Morning on Friday. I literally lost my camera in my room within the space of two minutes. Genuis.

So, Friday’s picture was grabbed on the go with iPhone . . .

Marc by Marc jacket, J. Crew tee, anthro skirt, UO flats

I was grumpy and tired and still a wee hormonal – everything was simple, comfortable, pleasant. Loves it.

For Saturday, I spent the day at acting class and then at rehearsal ( . . . and then drinking first wine and later margaritas with the cast. Excellent. Excellent in fact.)(And clearly, found the camera. Right where I’d left it. Sigh.)

J. Crew top, gifted skirt, gifted shoes

Funnily enough? Everything I’m wearing in the photo above was either second-hand or first-hand gifted. The J. Crew blouse is the last of the haul I got from my friend LJ (and is a “I may want this back sometime” piece – which is only fair really – as she has my “I may want this back too” cream Odille dress.)(Though – it looks fab on her. Anthro suits you, LJ!)

The skirt was a gift from my mother many ages ago – I don’t wear it a ton, since it doesn’t feel office-appropriate (too casual with the jersey? Something like that?) – but it’s so comfortable for an off-day, and yet the high waist is still feminine and pretty. (Expect more of it in grad school!)

Finally – these shoes are a hand-me-down from my friend Chelsea, who just moved in with her intended and got rid of a bunch of things . . . and I might have read this post about it, at which point I leapt onto gchat and dibsed the red polka-dots and a few others. (You’ll see ’em. They’ll be around and about.) (Thanks again, Chelsea . . . my feet are delighted.)

(Ooh, and you can’t see it, but I tied a red polka-dot ribbon in my hair to match.)

Sorry again for my mini-hiatus – but it does feel really, really good to have gotten a few more pesky moving tasks out of the way.

T-minus 8 days til my Chicago-fab summer. Let’s do this.

Remixed (Day 126):


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