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May 24, 2011 / Danielle

Day 130

All right, y’all; I swear I was cheerful until I stepped outside today.

Ann Taylor Loft shirt, anthro tank, skirt, sandals

I love this blouse. Back when I was a skinny-mini-just out of college, I used to wear it as a peasant-y piece; as my currently late-twenties curvaceous self, I’m tucking it as fitted. (Either way, I’m looking forward to wearing it in graduate school – all I need is a pair of cropped linen yoga pants,  and maybe some turquoise jewelry? And a mood ring.) ( . . . that’s not how everyone dressed in Southern California?)(Ohh, maybe I’m thinking Sante Fe.)

In any event – it was too cold to sport my summer duds alone – so I went back inside, threw on this cardi, and have emerged grumpy about the weather but at least happy about the look.

Ann Taylor Loft blouse, anthro skirt/sandals/belt

And . . . . grumpy redhead shifts into vaguely homicidal redhead. Yikes. I promise to say cheese for you guys in the future.


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