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May 30, 2011 / Danielle

Day 135 (pending documentation)

Okay, here’s the story, folks:

This morning I had a tech rehearsal for my current play (and which will feature several of my dresses, hurrah, as costumes – don’t worry, I’ll get you guys some pics.) After this, we took off for a late brunch. (This is why I love working on shows with my friend LJ, FYI – brunch is, nine times out of ten, pencilled into any call before noon.)

We got caught in the ridiculous torrential downpour, but through running and a league of shared umbrellas, made it to Clarke’s in Lincoln Park to devour sausages, eggs, potatoes, pancakes and Bellinis in admirable fashion . . . and all was well. On my way home I was just thinking “I should stop and take my outfit pic before it gets Biblically rainy again” when –

Splash. Straight into a muddy, deep puddle. In my little pink flats. And my color-dipped dress.

Fortunately, I was only blocks from home – I booked it, sloshing around in my flats – and headed straight for the bathroom, rinsed everything off, and scrubbed out the muddy-water-marks before they had a chance to set.

Sadly, my adorable outfit? Is now hanging semi-dry and bedraggled in a corner of my bedroom.

I’ll get you guys an encore shot, I promise.

In the meantime, I wore these pieces:

And on the upside? While hunting for the belt to the dress (which I didn’t find, grrr, where could it have fallen) I found, umm, two dresses. That had slipped off their hangers and hidden behind furniture. They’re both summer pieces (one of which I searched high and low for when looking for my Jamaican-wear), so . . . you may be seein’ em soon. (Yes, yes, look; I keep saying I have way too many clothes. It keeps being true.)

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