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May 30, 2011 / Danielle

Day 136

Y’all, it is magnificent out, I spent all morning cleaning my room, I’ve got an extra $20 bucks in my pocket (ebay sales!) should I choose to spend it, and all in all? Oh, what a beautiful day.

I am lurving the light on my back porch at this hour. None better.

anthro dress & belt

And yes! This is yesterday’s semi-resuscitated dress! (On which I have already found a couple of mud-spray marks that I missed. Grrrr.) It’s gotta be dry cleaned now anyway. . . so. . . I figured I’d throw it on for one more day of wear before I pay the $8 to have it brought fully back to life.

not so sure about this light - though I appreciate that it makes me kinda look like a superhero.

I bought this belt last summer from anthro because I loved it, loved it, loved it  . . .  and then promptly discovered that not only is it a waist-squisher (well, it is technically an obi-style), but it’s tricky to style – I think because it falls so far out of my comfort zone. (Safari/African/Tribal strays a ways from classical 1940s shapery.)

But – today’s gorgeous and warm – I’m just in the mood for something a lil off-beat – and this way I’m full dressed with nary a necklace or earring or any other thing to come between me and the sun sun sun. (Aside from SPF 100. I don’t mess around, yo.)

All right – I’m off to drink a bucket of water while sitting in the shine – I hope your Memorial Day is equally gorgeous-n-lovely.



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