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June 1, 2011 / Danielle

Day 138

Despite my rambunctious puppy mood today, I only managed to snap a relatively subdued shot before heading out the door:

Ann Taylor tank, anthro skirt & headband, sandals from Macy's

Forgive me – the bright skirt was wreaking havoc on my camera’s exposure.

I bought this skirt last summer in a fit of absolute adoration. Y’all know I rarely buy anything full price, or even first-cut sale (Queen of the Sale Room, supreme stalker of the second-cut), but I plunked down my $50 for this skirt without thinking twice. It’s so ridiculous – a petticoat crossed with a sprinkle cupcake – and I struggle all the time with how to style it, and always end up just trying to look like a ballerina – and I’m fine with that. (I actually bought it a couple sizes small so it’d sit up on my waist, tutu-like.) (Though I did google “how to style the it’s your move skirt” on my phone on my commute? And already have an outfit I’m happier with, for the future.)

It’s my last day at my day job today! I had planned something totally formal and officey (last chance to wear my business casual clothes for the foreseeable future), but this morning? It’s sunny and summery and this just felt right. School’s out!

Things are already changing, y’all. It’s summer. It’s time to play – and to prepare for the big move out west.



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