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June 4, 2011 / Danielle

Days 140 & 141

Oh, man, y’all – I have traded in my quiet-and-a-little-too-staid day job for my active assistant work – and it’s great! And perfect for where I am now – but I definitely miss my  hour in the morning before the phones started ringing when I could get away with updating the blog.

In its absence, I’m all over the place trying to keep up with class/the play/both jobs/the move; so I’m gonna be playing catch-up-and-also-juggle for a bit!

Yesterday, though we’d already put away the fancy camera, Janna snapped a couple of shots with my point and shoot:

anthro everything


And here’s today:

anthro chemise, Target cardigan, Macy's sandals

It was sweltering, and now it’s storming; ah, Chicago summer. We’ve missed you.

Bear with me, friends – I’ll figure out the balance of this at some point.

Day 141 Remixin’:

Day 140 Mixalots:

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