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June 7, 2011 / Danielle

Day 142

Guys, such apologies for my vanishing act – she said as she realized she never took a photo of today. Ugh. Epic, epic fail.

I promise you that the swing of things will be re-found, and settled into; I’m just heading towards two non-stop weeks of beautiful, bittersweet working. (The moving is becoming real, people. I’m starting to say my goodbyes.)

(Aww, geez. I can’t even talk about it yet, I’mmastart to cry.)

(Meisner class? In so many ways, you brought me to tears. (Heehee.))

Okay. Moving on.

Here’s a relatively crap photo of my ensemble as of Sunday (A day marked with 7:45 am work-start and ended with final dress of the play – which went well! Well enough! Hurray! That quick change-of-dresses-in-five-lines-of-text is gonna be fine!)

Ann Taylor Loft dress, DSW sandals

And yes, that’s a face full of stage makeup. Redhead was tired.

I’ll catch up to you soon with Day 143 (if I have to put the whole damn thing back on just to snap a photo), and promise to stay chipper. And have something more to say than “gaaaah busy-tired-sad-LEAVING-wonderful-new-opportunity-but-Chicaaaaaaaaaaaago!”


A bientot.



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