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June 8, 2011 / Danielle

Day 144

Hello m’lovelies. It is absolutely broiling in Chicago right now – 90 degrees in a city full of old brownstones sans central air – and I have been almost literally baking all day.

Desperately hot times call for as little clothing as reasonably possible*:

anthro shirt, UO skirt, Alfani sandals, Ann Taylor Loft belt

Sandals aside, I don’t think you’ve seen any of this before. The shirt is tricky – it loves jeans, but mostly comes out in weather that’s too hot for them. The skirt? Is actually high-waisted (and, ahem, a wee bit tight . . .  yes, yes, back to the diet wagon soon.) (So . . . just as well tucked under.)

(And the belt? Clearly too loose. It had been a long day of sweating it off and running around, y’all.)

(As evidenced by my goofy-fantastic-model-series:)

Dudes – I may be summery and posed? But I am no American Apparel ad.


*Yes, more fabbo pics with a run-of-the-mill camera from my boss Janna. Thanks Janna!

Remixed, hot as hell and bewildered:



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