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June 10, 2011 / Danielle

Day 146

Ah, bliss. Today’s the first in weeks that I haven’t had to be anywhere until the evening, and it feels fantastic. (And yes, sleeping ten straight hours had a soothing effect on my silly body; though I’m not feeling 100%, I’m absolutely improved.)

What did I do with this gorgeous gift of a day off? Did I clean? Did I sort more clothes? Did I work out? Did I sit around in my PJs, eat burritos and watch endless Youtube videos of things like Robin Williams appearing on Whose Line Is It Anyway*? ( . . . . one of the above. Yup.)

Nonetheless, my lazy-and-blissful idyll had to be breached at one point, and at least I put on real clothes for the day:

anthro blouse, Target cardi, UO flats, A. G. jeans (rolled up)

Y’all, true story: I am still really in an adjustment period for dressing casually. Yes, it’s nice not to have to wriggle into my pencil skirts and sweat into my jackets, but I’m just not used to being so comfortable and still feeling well-dressed . What I really need is a good couple of hours to sit down with my clothes (if only, truly, to keep moving forward on the purging) to play around, to get some ideas and to put a few things together.

So  . . .  with the move and all . . . . and then grad school . . . that’ll happen in 2013?

Meh. I’ll see what I can do.

*I know. It’s awesome.



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