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June 11, 2011 / Danielle

Day 147

And – here we are not only creeping up on my halfway point (Day 182.5, people), but also on one hundred and fifty days of not buying clothes for myself. (Because yes, there have been some gifts for other folk. None of which I have borrowed, PS. (Happy birthday, Adrienne!))

I’m sure I’m sounding like a broken record (“Things are sooooooooooo nuts still youse guys!!”) but – umm – things are so nuts. I’m coming up on seven weeks until I move, and have plans to visit three other states in those few weeks. I keep telling myself to break down and start hoarding boxes and packing up the non-essentials, but I just can’t bring myself to dismantle my gorgeous little home just yet. (Y’all, I looked for ever for this apartment, and I’m proud to say it’s one of my most gorgeous and centrally-located in my loverly ‘hood.)

And of course – though I’m busy-busy-busy and on the go – I’m completely unable to turn down theatre work, because I’m already feeling the burn of being away from the community that I’ve sunk myself into wholeheartedly for the past nine years. (And so it happens that I’m opening a show and performing two staged readings this week, and missing my last two classes to do it.)

I’m at home tonight – hurrah – and will be (in theory) attacking the closet full-force this eve. (You know, to stave off doing actual necessary tasks like ‘sort the giant pile of papers on your desk’ and ‘start packing the candleholders and knicknacks.’)

But this blog, darings, is not about my OMGhectic temporary experience – it is about clothes – so I will shut my silly mouth and show you what I wore:

J. Crew shirt, F21 belt, anthro skirt, Hunter boots

I kind of feel as if this outfit is made up of all pieces that I bought/received on a whim (Hunters aside) that I now absolutely adore. This shirt is making every impractical skirt I own into a winner (who knew chambray was so wonderfully versatile? Well, J. Crew, apparently.) The skirt, which I have already planned into two more summer outfits, is the kind of thing that I’m so delighted by (I’m a adult woman dressed as a cupcake, and I can not tell you why I’m so tickled by it – but so I am) that I don’t care if I only wear it four times a year, it’s still perfect to me.

The thick red belt was a steal, and yet remains excellent quality, especially for Forever 21. And we’re now looking at a cost-per-wear for the Hunters? Hovering around $4.50. Winner, winner, winner.

The best part? The whole thing looked marginally better when I cinched the belt tighter and let loose one upper button . . .

. . . which leads it to sound way sexier than the fun-cute-practical look that resulted.

Okay y’all. Off to cut away the dead wood of my wardrobe. I will keep you posted.

A full remix today:


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  1. Julia Bradbury / Jun 11 2011 11:24 am

    Hi Danielle
    Oh good, you’ve got your Wellingtons on again and your outfit is really cool, my Brother likes you wearing your Wellingtons as well,I think he’s got the hots for you ha ha.



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