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June 11, 2011 / Danielle

The Great Purge (Part 6)

Okay. After my last spewing of “oh my God I just want to get rid of it ALL!”, I’ve rubber-band-bounced back to this relatively reasonable position.

I’ve just spent two hours going through my entire . . . 2nd . . . closet. (Yes, roommates, the hall closet should be available to you again in a few short days.) (Thanks for your patience and general awesome.)  I’ve tried on just about everything – some winter clothes, some summer clothes, party dresses, casual ones, and figured out where everything fits. (Well, and where in doesn’t.)

There were (are) some automatic winners; dresses I didn’t even bother to try. There are others I’m keeping on parole until I figure out exactly what shape I’m going to be (if I’m five pounds too heavy for it? I’ll give it a pass until next month, pending my hopping back on the “into shape” wagon.) (Twenty minutes of pilates a day! Let’s do this!) Still others are special occasion dresses (hello, opening nights!) or “basic-boring-probably-necessary” (black, strapless, Ann Taylor; I hate to say it, but a girl has to wear something to funerals.) (True story: I also tried on stuff I’m still pretty comfortable in. You know. Just  . . .  cause . . . . look, dress up is fun and I might be sitting here in a midnight-blue rockability-skirted frock as we speak.)

I do feel, though, that I’m bumping against the limits of what I can get rid of. At this point, I’ve weeded out almost all of the unworn, and I’m working now with things that just don’t quite fit (yet) (and again, that pending), or that require special occasions (I’mmafind a way to wear that gold sequinned vintage dress if I have to troll every Mad Men party in this city.)

I do have a bag of getting-rid-of pieces, and yes, among them are some things you’ve seen here. It’s all stuff that just doesn’t quite cut it; the fit was never good, the color is off, there’s just not enough wear in it to feel practical and I don’t love it enough to make that okay. I also have things that I’m annoyed with myself for still not sporting, and others that take me by surprise; I need a hot summer day to wear that seventies maxi dress, or the right accessories to pull off the beige Banana Republic piece. (I still can’t believe I bought a beige dress; it’s so unlike me. But it fits well, it’s got a fantastic skirt, and it makes my hair look beautiful – plus,I grabbed it in a thrift store for $4. Every time I think “I should just ditch that”, I come back to it thinking of Jackie-O.)

I’ll admit I’m a little frustrated with myself, and will perhaps revisit these “purge-limits” when another 150 days have passed. (At which point, I’ll probably feel pretty dumb for ditching stuff I brought all the way to California.) I wish I was getting rid of more. I feel like I still have too many clothes to know them well – to keep them in the forefront of my mind and to mix-and-match without feeling a little overwhelmed by options. I could still do a full month of dresses, for example, and, for that matter, a full month of skirts. I have something like nine jackets? (Yes, there’s ones you haven’t seen. Oh, goodness.)

But at this point? I do genuinely think, given the right circumstances, that I would actually wear everything in my closet. (And those right circumstances no longer include “when I get an amazing, intimidating office job”, or “when I start singing in a rock band.” Stick to rehearsal, dressy brunch, opening nights, and errands, redhead. This is your actual life.) (Will I wear a pencil skirt and a pretty blouse to a table read? Oh, hell yeah.)

So. As annoyed as I am that I think I’ve hit my limits (why am I not brave enough to slash and burn as I’d like??), I must say; I freaking love my closet. It mostly fits, it’s well-curated, it’s full of things I love and like and that are useful. I’m excited to keep working within it for the next 220-odd days. (Even if some of those days will be exclusively yoga pants.)

And I have to remind myself that my closet is full of not only things I love but things that are assets; I invested money in them, and now I’m allowed to keep them and enjoy their use.

So (again). To do list for the next six weeks includes:

  • Get rid of everything in the No pile (If this includes Ebay? I’ll let y’all know!)
  • Wear everything that makes me shriek “ugh, I love that, why haven’t I worn it yet” (new to the blog, yay!)
  • Continue to sort, organize, and get to know what I’ve really got.
  •  . . . .and then pack it all.

Here goes.

(Time to switch out the party dress for one of my ten nightgowns . . . . like the hoarder I am.)


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