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June 16, 2011 / Danielle

Days 148 and 149 (Catching up)

Catching up, catching up – I promise I’ll get there, sometime. (But it’ll probably be . . . Saturday.)

(Don’t worry, y’all. The next few months are full of whirlwind adventure and travel and change, it’s true. After that, though? I’ll be back to a regular yoga-studio-rehearsal routine. In a new place. Gulp.)

(That aside was intended to be comforting and evoking familiarity. It may have instead diverged into just reminding me of how much is coming up.)

(Should I be packing yet? About six weeks out?*)

Here’s what I wore on Saturday:

anthro dress, marc by marc jacobs boots

I’m loving this dress more and more as I wear it. I bought it on a whim; but being both machine-washable and super-comfortable, it’s evolved into one of my favorite things. I’ve been paying attention recently to the detail of many of my anthropologie pieces; in this case, the careful use of pattern from the skirt to the bodice just makes it that much more of a beautiful piece (the play of the diagonal skirt vs the straight bodice? loves it.) Looking forward to getting some mileage out of this in my California livin’, that’s for sure.

And then the next day (which was full of rehearsal and a bustling to-do list  . . . the latter sidelined by a midday mimosa (note to self; just cause you’re not working a regular day job doesn’t mean your free time should be spent drinking and napping, as fun as these things are)), I ran out the door thusly:

anthro blouse, Ann Taylor tank, AG jeans, UO flats

Honestly, y’all? I picked up this blouse when I found it on super-duper markdown (I’d tried it on at first cut and been charmed, but not enough to pull the trigger.) I’ve since struggled to wear it even once. It’s absolutely cute, and it’s a color combination I don’t wear often but do have plenty of (brown and navy especially) – but now that I’m leaving the office world? I just don’t see myself reaching for it often enough. (Thus I am grumpily dry-cleaning it only to turn around and unload it after. Grrrrrr.)

Thanks, honestly, you guys, for being so patient with me. This week filled up ridiculously (I said yes to two staged readings and suddenly I had thirteen hours of rehearsal and two performances on all my free nights) (and no regrets – any more time spent working with my favorite Chicago folk these days is a beautiful and bittersweet thing). I’m hoping the next should stay relatively quiet (to be eaten up then by aforementioned to do list. And blogging. And no midday drinking. I mean it, lesser self.)

Day 148

Day 149:

*yeah, I should probably be packing, right?**

**to which I say, “GAAAAAAAAHHHH!!”.


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