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June 17, 2011 / Danielle

Day 154

Today is beautiful in Chicago. Sunny, warm (so much so that I shucked my jacket halfway though the day) and friendly; it’s just getting that much more annoying that I’m leaving it soon.

But there will be equally (more so?) gorgeous weather in fair San Diego, I’m told. (I think somehow, I’ve crossed the tipping point. I’m moving forward. Maybe it’s really happening.)

Anyway, here’s what I wore:

anthro everything

These shoes are new to the blog, and they are favorites of mine, though I wear them rarely. (I last sported them for my grad school auditions – so now they feel lucky.)(Also, the casting director told me that they were great – and so, I’m just saying, they’re probably the reason I get to move to California and get a free MFA. I mean, right?)

And I keep looking for ways to get more use out of both this jacket and this dress. They’re both so simple and beautifully made – I should be wearing them more! Make it happen, red!

I’ll be around slightly more this weekend (ominous and exciting things afoot) – so stay posted! (I may also be able to offer y’all the opportunity to buy some of the ‘once-or-twice worn’ cast-offs of my wardrobe** . . . eee*?)

*I must. get. rid. of things before I start packing. I mean, really.


  • Dress: Day 103
  • Jacket:  Days 74,  64

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