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June 18, 2011 / Danielle

Day 155

Saturday, Saturday – you’re so good to me.

Today I awoke with grand moving-prep plans . . . . none of which panned out, as I lost my day to the sly machinations of my BFF Annie P.  We made grilled cheese sandwiches from crusty bread and sharp cheddar (melted under the broiler) and sipped frozen lemonade on the back porch and generally lazed the morning and early afternoon away**. (Is it just me, or once the morning is gone, is it impossible to get started? Somehow I can’t get a fire lit at 1 pm if I haven’t at least taken a shower by noon.)

But no matter – I spent the early morning in bed, re-tacking the hem of the Lobster dress (planning to wear it today) . . . . and then got an invite out for the night. So I’ve switched out clothes and am headed out this evening to the Just For Laughs festival; and here’s what I’m wearing:

anthro top, Rock & Republic skirt, audrey brooke heels (DSW)

This top is one of the few pieces I adore that you still haven’t seen; it needs such warm weather. I’m usually not such a big fan of nudes and neutrals, despite last year’s craze, but I do love the drape of this top. Plus, as a redhead, it’s nice to have something that make your hair pop.

And yes, I’m in heels! I’m realizing as I blog how incredibly unprecedented this really is. I suppose I’m such a walker (take the train every day, haven’t owned a car in eight years) that flats are my standard at this point. (True story: I nearly broke my ankle dashing back and forth from the camera to the steps. No, truly. It’s like I’m thirteen all over again.)

And – in case the temp drops – I was tempted by the cream-pink-navy* combo and threw on yesterday’s jacket:

and yesterday's anthro jacket.

Okay, y’all, I’m off to see something funny. (Thanks to my lovely friend Lucy for the going-away funzies!)

*Does denim count as navy? I really wanted a casual navy pencil skirt for this outfit. I mean this is fine. But just imagine it with something a little snappier. Sigh.

**Soundtrack: the acoustic version of “Hey Ya”. No better lazy-music. (Kudos to lil bro Casey for the mix CD on which he put it two years ago, newly found in the hustle-and-bustle of the potential packing. . . .)



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