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June 23, 2011 / Danielle

Day 159

Y’all, was it some weird witching hour last night? Because I swear to you, whether from stress, excitement, hormones or the moon, I could not sleep for love or money.

I gave up the fight around one-thirty. And then again around three. Ugh. It’s the worst, isn’t it? Staring at the clock knowing you’re going to just get less and less and less sleep as the moments tick by relentlessly?

Needless to say, when I called work at 8 am and was confirmed to be working? I skipped all my adorable planned outfits and went straight for the good-old-reliable comfortable dress;

anthro dress & headband, BCBG jacket, Alfani sandals (Macy's)

(This dress might actually be one of my best friends. Machine washable, always comfy, and such a lovely shade of understated pearl-dove-gray that it mixes as a neutral yet still feels pretty on its own. I do not appreciate it enough.)

This jacket – or is it a vest? – you have not yet seen. I bought it at Macy’s on sale – back in the day of my fabulous fancy working-at-Barney’s job. It’s the simplest little thing but with wonderful details – the gorgeous little ruffles at the shoulders, and a tiny, tiny bustle over the small of the back. Like so many, many of my things, it’s beautiful and gorgeous and I don’t understand why it’s taken me ages to wear it. (Is this a question of style? I still think it’s pretty! Is it that I’m shrugging my shoulders because it’s something I bought in 2007 and I’m not sure I still feel like it suits my life? Perhaps. Is it because it’s an extra-small and I am, though occasionally petiter than usual, no longer extra small? . . . . well that one makes sense . . . )

I’m hoping to steal a little time in the next few days for a project status update; we are, afterall, measly 20-some days from my half-way point. (Whee!) Also, y’all? Packing is wreaking havoc on my closet. Between the piles to give away and the piles to keep and the mountains to ebay and sort and maybe it does make sense to use my sweaters as packing material for my dishes . . .? My room is a disaster area. (Sadly, it may never be recovered. Just packed. Sigh.)

Okay, off I go to catch up on that elusive sleep.




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